An Unpopular Opinion on Suicide Rates and Gun Control

I am going to say something controversial. I’m good at that though… I have opinions that are not the norm or; even when they seem like they fit into one certain category my reasons for holding a particular opinion may be 180 degrees out from what is expected. Anyway, bear with me here.

Many people for further gun control quote suicide statistics and claim that less firearms mean less suicides.

I wonder what the hidden numbers are here. The suicide rate does not include attempted suicides. It does not figure in the failure rate of other methods of suicide. And it, likely does not sort the cries for attention and the attempts to deflect blame from truly suicidal behavior.

I think that if a person aims to kill themselves that doing so with a firearm of some kind is likely to be the most effective and have the highest level of success. No argument there.

What happens to a person who fails to kill themselves via hanging? Have you truly saved someone from suicide if they come to be committed and lose themselves in a facility? Why are we looking at the method instead of the reasons?

The same people who will argue that any and everything must be done to prevent the loss of lives to firearms will argue for a person’s right to terminate a pregnancy. They will argue until blue in the face that it’s nothing but a lump of tissue, a parasite, not a human at all until it is actually born. Some extremists will argue that even a newly born baby is only nominally human and can be discarded if desired.

They will argue for euthanasia and the ‘right to dignity’ to end one’s life on their own terms when they are terminally ill. I’ll let you in on a secret:

We are, all of us, terminally ill. Not a one of us has made it out of here alive yet. Maybe Enoch… but barring being taken straight from Earth to Heaven, let’s go ahead and admit to our mortality.

Lastly, I would ask if you have seen someone who is truly determined to kill themselves? Have you ever wondered if it is cruel to keep stopping them, to try and force them into what you or I would consider a normal life? Have you allowed yourself to get swept up in the despair and the worthlessness… the inability to hope or to cope which some people are so afflicted?

Is it cruel to keep them here at all costs? If life that is yet to be born may be sacrificed without consideration and if life that seems to have run its course can be taken, then why do we stop people who are arguably mentally ill from carrying out their wishes? Is a person’s life their own or does it belong to society?

Suicide prevention is not a reason for more gun control. It is an inconsistent philosophy that at once demands protection for all people no matter what and denies that protection to other people because of their circumstances.

Instead of knee-jerking whenever one (maybe two) person supposedly goes off their rocker and starts a killing spree perhaps we can look at the inconsistencies in our own philosophies and do a little introspection. At least then, maybe, you can come up with a more cogent argument for the things you want to have happen.

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