Another new video up!

I am trying to get as much time in this next week on my Grimnir seed in 7 Days to Die. That way when the news Alpha comes out I can start over in this seed and compare, especially to see if they have fixed the terrain.

I also talk about cleaning out my deep freezer which means lots of bone broths and fat rendering happening in preparation for a new cow in the freezer!

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Because sometimes the only time a gamer mama gets to play is after midnight.


First Video Up and Running!

I was able to find the time to record and post up a video to YouTube finally. It’s probably about what one would think a first video by someone with no really innate talent might be like. I found I could not just start talking… it just did not work. So I wrote a couple of paragraphs to start myself off.

Because of my admiration of the orderly I began with the training mission of one of my favorite games. It’s dead dull. It really is. The only thing that could have made it interesting would have been some sparkling, insightful commentary. Unfortunately; none was to be had. Not from me at any rate.

Let’s see, other sins: I completely lost my train of thought at one point. Too many ‘um’s. I think the game volume might be too loud in the recording too.

I hope to give it another go really soon. To kind of gain some momentum, having at leas been successful at creating a video and getting it up on YouTube, regardless of actual entertainment value or potential for popularity.

Anyone out there in the Aether with some advice for a newling like me, give a comment. Tell to me your thoughts.